Strangest of places

“Fashion, as we know it is over, people wear now exactly what they feel like wearing.” Mary Quant.

Finding inspiration for my work can come in the strangest of places, when I’m stuck and in need of ideas I like to look to the past in order to create new ideas for the future. This week I was stuck on what to write about and so I did exactly that. Mary Quant was an inspirational and iconic designer of her time. I chose to start with this quote as I believe it accurately summed up fashion in the 1960s to this day. Trends seem to have changed from everybody who would have been known as fashionable wearing the same, to individuality being the key to style.

Quant had a distinctive and memorable style when it came to fashion illustration, quick sketches with defined outlines and the use of watercolours.

quant illustration

This design is made up of simple shapes and block colours to create the distinct Quant look. It is said that the inspiration for the mini skirt shown above came from Quant walking past girls playing netball with short sports skirts and knee high sports socks. She took this idea and transformed it from sports wear into every day fashion with mini skirts and knee high boots. The inspiration for such an iconic item of clothing came from such a simple place and can still be seen in fashion to this day, nearly 50 years later. This is why I think that we should always be on the lookout because inspiration can come in the strangest of places.

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