Cut and stick

This week I really enjoyed my creative drawing class. For the first half we created collages from editorial and for the second half we drew from editorial. I have always enjoyed collaging, even as a child I have scrap books filled with collages as it was a way for me to create art without drawing. Here are four examples from my morning class.IMG_1357

I think that out of these, my favorite would have to be the bottom left. Ripping out lines from different editorial images creates an aesthetically pleasing image that really makes the most of the negative space on the page.

Creating collages like this will help me when it comes to laying out the images in my publication in a different but well presented manor. I think that it is important to make the most of a page without over crowding it, this makes the focus of the page more clear.

In my afternoon class, we drew from editorial using similar images to the collages. I started with a pencil to get the outline of the model I was drawing, I then developed my drawing using different media such as felt tips, pastels and charcoal. This is what I came up with.

IMG_1358 IMG_1359


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