Different perspectives

As you know, drawing is not my strong point, so the idea of drawing models to design onto is a scary thought. However, in our drawing class we looked at ways to get around this whilst still keeping designs interesting and individual. A quick google search makes finding model templates easy but no professional designer would use them as, to be frank, they are boring and have been used so many times before. Here is one example we looked at by Niky Roehreke.collage fashion illustration

I love how this particular artist has used parts of a model from a picture as the base for their design. It makes the design stand out as it is an unusual method of presentation.

After looking through some examples, we then went onto having a go ourselves. The aim was to create a base that in future we could design onto, here are a few examples of what I came up with.

IMG_1411 IMG_1412

I feel that designing off these would help my designs stand out but still wouldn’t distract from the design itself.

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