Naming our brand

Trying to name our brand became a difficult task for us. We started by looking at our brand ethos, to create an ethical and sustainable fashion brand that not only created new products, but also up cycled old garments to prevent them being sent to landfill.

Next we made a list of key words that we believed to be relevant to our cause, here are some of the words we came up with:

  • Sustainable
  • Ethical
  • Environment
  • Cycle
  • Life, ect.

We then looked at ways in which these could become our name and therefore the identity of our brand. One idea was to take a section of some of the words for example, sustainable could become Stain and environment could become Viro. Unfortunately, we didn’t feel these had the best ring to them so decided against this idea. We then thought more about recycling and words that relate to this and came up with Secondlife or Afterlife. But again these didn’t work for us due to the negative connotations.

So after hours of brainstorming, we were still no closer to naming our brand. Nothing we came up with seemed to fit so we decided to keep working at it.

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