Social media

As you know, I was in charge of social media for Sao; the following is our social media strategy:


Before we decided which social media platform to use I researched into our competitors and the ways they market their brands. We wanted to take a more personalised approach in the hope that customers would be able to relate and connect more to Sao as a brand. This lead us to create an Instagram page that we intended to be a social market place that directs traffic into sales rather than a hard sell. The following are the ways in which we attempted to achieve this:

  • Firstly, we created “the positivity project” which is a campaign that I believe successfully captures Sao’s ethos. The idea was to promote positive thinking and positive actions to our customers.
  • The offer of exclusive previews of future collections creates a community within our followers and allows for a stronger following.
  • We also used lifestyle photos that capture our brand culture as well as advertising our product. This is a less overwhelming form of advertising that has been proven successful by Nike, as customers feel that they can make their own decisions about products rather than being told what to buy.
  • I researched into the most popular hashtags used at the moment and selected a few that I believed to be relevant to each individual post. This allows the brand page to be reached by a larger consumer base and therefore over time would increase sales.
  • Where possible, we tried to use active and engaging captions, asking the customer their opinion on the products, packaging and other images. This engages the customer as it gives the impression that they are being directly spoken too rather than just another sales pitch.
  • The use of geo-tags has been proven to provide 79% more user engagement on Instagram so we incorporated this into the relevant posts as again it allows a larger audience to access our page.
  • Here is a link to our instagram :






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