Design ID

For my most recent uni project I had to create a publication that revolved around my identity. Being from Birmingham, I chose to represent the second city in an attempt to change people’s opinions of what it is actually like. I decided to concentrate on one borough and explore the music scene as well as food and art. I also wanted to get an impression of how the occupants felt living there and with current affairs.

The decision came to pick a place, I narrowed it down to either Moseley or Digbeth. Digbeth is a cool place with lots of interesting and unusual events happening whether its at the Custard Factory, The Rainbow Venues and various other places, its always a good day/night out. However, I wanted to show a new side to Birmingham and although Digbeth is very happening, I thought Moseley would be the better fit.

I really wanted to get across the Bohemian, unique and independant vibes of the inner city village. To do this I looked into many different independant businesses before I settled on ‘Damascena’ a personal favourite for me and my family. I also managed to get on the guest list for ‘Zindiya’s’ opening event. I then contacted local up and coming DJ group ‘Young Culture’ and managed to secure and interview.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 12.01.00


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