Design Enterprise and Innovation – Live Event Project

Week one of a new unit and our new brief stated ‘You will be responsible for the co-design and co-production of the three Fashion Events showcasing final year BA (Hons) Fashion students’ work at a local Bournemouth Show, Graduate Fashion Week, and the AUB HE Summer Show.’ As well as this, we as a group are responsible for the construction of the AUB stand at GFW and the production of NIL Magazine. As an aspiring journalist, I gravitated towards the written contents for NIL. However, the stand had to take priority as once designed, it would take the longest to produce. We played around with different ideas and I created a theme board containing my favourite ideas.

I really like the idea of industrialisation.

  • Structures made out of scaffolding
  • A tool wall to hold students work
  • Concrete and bold yellow lines
  • Furniture made from wooden pallets, ect.

I think these ideas would allow us to create a contemporary stand with individuality that would stand out.


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