Street food in Birmingham seems to be booming with the recent successes of the Digbeth and Kings Heath dining clubs as well as Hawkers yard. Therefore it’s about time Moseley got its own twist on the trend in keeping with the young, local and independent reputation it loves to withhold. We were lucky enough to be invited along to the opening event of Moseley’s first street food vender Zindiya.


Zindiya is an authentically Indian street food restaurant/bar within the heart of Moseley village. It was set up by a young anglo-indian couple embarking on a lively and exciting new adventure to achieve their life-long ambition of bringing the streets of India to the streets of Moseley. Being from Moseley themselves, the young couple stated they “wouldn’t have wanted to open it anywhere else.”


The brightly coloured and vibrant décor of the large but narrow space gave the ambiance of walking through and Indian street food fair. The ceiling was covered in fairy lights as if to mimic the Indian night sky, the walls were brightly coloured and containing murals painted by a local artist. Shutters and posters along one wall further added to the atmosphere, giving the illusion that you were in the depths of Mumbai. When asked, the owners stated that “the décor was heavily influenced by many trips to India” which really adds to the authentic feel.


The owners are very passionate about the experience as a whole and I think this adds a whole new level to eating out. Being in Moseley there is a pressure to create a local independent business with an individual twist and I believe that Zindiya have smashed it with their street food eatery. Their menu was largely created by the in house chiefs who are all from Indian. However, the owners were determined to input their recipes from their family and travels. Zindiya is the closest to experiencing Indian street food at its finest on our doorsteps, definitely worth a visit.zindiya drinkzindiya foodzindiyazindiya foodzindiya


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